Photos #2

I never get tired of taking doll pictures. Never. I was making a video where the dolls are dressed like fictional characters, and Kit was given the honors of Tris. I even added the Dauntless tattoo on her arm. These next few photos are of when we still had snow. If you look really closely, … More Photos #2

All My Dolls

It’s time to meet the Silverfoxstudios family. Right now they are a family of 6, but who knows how much it’ll grow. Full name: Jasmin Tara Fox Type of doll: Truly me #61 Birthday: November 12 Personality: Caring, mom-like, loving, selfless Hobbies: Reading, writing, cooking,  Likes: Clean rooms, wearing dresses, and people who like to … More All My Dolls

Dollhouse Tour

Hey guys! It’s Zoey and I’m here with my pal Isabelle. Today we’re going to give you a tour of the dollhouse. The dollhouse was made in Carlye’s closet so she doesn’t have any place to hang her clothes. Not that she needs to though, those rags aren’t worth hanging. It’s about 6 feet tall … More Dollhouse Tour