Shadows Book 1, Days 12-17

I have a new Shadows page! Click here to view it: Shadows.

It has a little about my writing and what the novels are about.


This isn’t a long post, because it was only 5 days. But I did write for 4 out of the 5 days.


April 6

Words written: 3,876

Total words written: 15,324


I started writing this at 2 in the afternoon and ended writing around 9:30 at night. I did a bunch of editing before and that took longer then expected. It added a lot to my word count though and that was nice. (I sounded so excited)



April 7

Words written: 879

Total words written: 16, 221


I didn’t really do anything that day. I think a did half a scene and that was it.


April 9

Words written: 1,003

Total words written: 17,224


This was a rainy day so I wasn’t all upbeat. Also I was really tired from my lack of sleep. But I’ve caught up on my sleep now.



April 10

Words written: 1,297

Total words written: 18,521


This was yesterday and I was writing this at night. I had a headache, but instead of sleeping I wrote. I was like, let’s write even though I don’t feel good. I did get 1.2 k written and I finished a scene.


This was a really boring post that you don’t care about because I don’t have snippets for you. But you get to find out about the books. That’ll make up for it.

Do you want more posts like this? Or do you want more AG posts? Comment down below.

– Carlye


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