Trying to Trust

The long-awaited post had finally arrived!!!


As much as I want to talk about the excitement coursing through my veins, you didn’t click on this to read about that.

Without further ado, I present to photo-story that I’ve been working on for 3 months, the thousands of pictures taken, and the late nights spent editing.


Trying to Trust, Season 1, Part 1


Riley’s POV:



I watched as my family gave Lexi their last goodbyes. She was heading off to college after the much too short winter break.



“Bye everyone! I’ll miss you!” Lexi waved before heading towards the taxi.



I gave her one last wave. I wasn’t going to see her for another 2 and half months. It seemed like forever when you’re stuck in a little town like us.



“Alex, Sarina, Riley, I have something to tell when we get back inside.” April informed us all.



Alex and I looked at each. Competition flashed in his eyes.

“Race you!” we chorused and dashed towards the front door.


Alex’s POV:



Finally April finished putting the last Band-aid on Riley’s knee.



“I should’ve been more careful,” Riley said, sliding over on the conch so Sarina could sit beside her.


Can you just tell us already?” I asked impatiently. I took a seat on the floor, just in case she got all serious. Maybe we were moving? Or April got a raise?! Or she lost her job?


Finally April opened her mouth to spit out the news when…


The phone rang!



“No! Don’t answer it!” Riley cried out waving her arms around in the air like a migrating duck.



April laughed that annoying cackle as Sarina picked up the phone. “Guess you have to wait.”



What seemed like agonizing hours, but was really a few short minutes later, Sarina hung up.

“Who was…”

“Telemarketer,” Sarina answered my half unspoken question.



April opened her mouth a second time, when all of a sudden the doorbell rang.



A split second later, Riley and I were running to the door.



“Got it!” She triumphantly smiled. “I even had a leg injury slowing me down.”

“Whatever. That was fluke.” I grumbled.



Riley swung open the door and there was the unimaginable.


Sorry it was posted later!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


– Carlye


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