Trying to Trust (Season 1, Part 3)

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Trying to Trust, Season 1, Part 3

Riley’s POV:

The basement was the best place to store all the unwanted childhood items, the cringy photo albums and the dusty furniture. It also is a good place for meetings.

Surrounded by boxes and chairs, I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time. Why was he always late?

“Hey Riley.” Alex whispered, tiptoeing his way in. He shuddered at the sight of a cheesy picture of him when he was 5. It was him and clown smiling holding balloons.

“You finally came!” I exclaimed. “So this is the topic of the meeting. Peyton.”

“Peyton?” a very puzzled Alex asked.

“Yup.” I confirmed, “what are your thoughts on her? Who is she really behind that care-free yet cautious wall?”

He considered it for a bit, as I did likewise.

“Ready? On 3 we reveal out deepest thoughts and suspicions.” Alex nodded in agreement.

“Okay, 1…2…3!”

“She’s running away from an evil stepmother!” Alex shouted.

“She’s a famous person hiding from the disgruntled employes who want to kill her!” I yelled.

I could tell Alex didn’t believe me. “Come on, it could be true. At least my theory isn’t a spin-off of Cinderella.”

“Anything could be true. That’s why we should spy on her.” He suggested.

Alex’s POV:

I reached behind me and pulled out a paper from our secret stash we had smuggled away in case we needed it.

“Everything that we need to know will be written down onto this paper. Then when we have all the evidence we need, we can come to a simple conclusion of who she is and what she is doing.” I announced proudly.

Riley was clearly unimpressed. “Wow.” She flatly said.

“Hear me out,” I unrolled the paper and smoothed it out. I took a seat down in front of it and pulled out a pen.

Riley rolled her eyes, but sat down anyway. That was progress.

“Alright, this is what we should do…”

And that is the end of part 3!

I hope you are enjoying this photo-story!

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