Trying to Trust (Season 1, Part 4)

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“Alright, this is what we should do…”

Trying to Trust Part 4


Alex’s POV:



I stuck my head around the corner she was in her room. This would make things harder.

 “What are we going to do?” I whispered, “Shes in her room.”

“Leave it to me.” Riley replied, completely calm.

(I’m sorry, no matter what I do, these pictures aren’t showing up. Can you just imagine it in your head?)

I followed Riley outside and under Peyton’s window. “What next?” I asked.


 “Well, if we throw rock’s at Peyton’s window and then run away, she’ll come outside to see who is throwing rocks at the window. Meanwhile we sneak in through the back. Then we just lock her outside of the house.” Riley smiled. All I could do was agree, it was an awesome plan.
 We started pummling the window with rocks. Then I heard the front door creak open.

“Run!” I stage whispered.

We took off like a man on fire and I nearly collided with a garbage can.



I went through the back door, but tripped on the door jamb. I toppled to the ground with Riley on top of me. Instead of stopping to catch her breath, Riley jumped to her feet and ran to the front door. She slide the metal lock into place and looked at me, smirking.



“Let’s go.”


Riley’s POV:



We entered Peyton’s room. It looked like a normal room. Bed, dresser, little knick-knacks under the bed, a laptop.


 I headed for the laptop, while Alex stated rooting through the baskets.


I opened the screen, but it didn’t open to the home screen. Instead it said I needed a password. “Try my birthday,” Alex suggested.


“How about you keep searching?” I told him.





We both whirled around to see April standing behind us.

 “Kitchen. Now!” She pointed to the kitchen sink.

What do you think Peyton could be up to? Comment down below

– Carlye


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