We Have a Little Problem

I’m interrupting our photo-story for a different post. (Come and hunt me down for being the source of your suspense)


When I first started out with this blog, I was hoping it to be another way to express my love for American Girl dolls. But when my blog grew older, the doll genre had faded away to the background.

Instead, I started posting about my life. Writing and lifestyle became the main posting ideas. But I really wanted to still post about my dolls, yet I had so many ideas bouncing around that creative head of mine. So to satisfy my want for dolls and writing and to post all my ideas I had, my already crazy days became crazier as I spent hours watermarking and blogging a week.


My post would be posted like, every 4-5 days. But I really wanted an individual ‘human’ blog.

I had asked my parents before, but they said I was too busy. And it was true…

I tried to forget about the idea, but it stayed in my brain, as bright and clear as ever. Until a couple of days ago, I asked my dad again. He agreed, but I had to do a trial run. If I was spending too much time on the laptop blogging, then the idea would fly away.


Eagerly I agreed and when we got home, I started making my blog. So on Saturday, May 12, Carlye’s Camera will be debuting!

That also means I won’t be posting as much on this blog, as it’s only for dolls now. If you want to follow my other blog, I would love it.

So that basically wraps up the blog post that annoyingly broke the posting schedule for Trying to Trust. This, and the fact that I have been way to busy lately to take the time to edit, watermark, and write the blog post.

Have an awesome day!

– Carlye


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