Trying to Trust (Part 6, Season 1)

Well, you are lucky today to get this 20 days later than I promised. I’m sorry for that. But I spent the entire Memorial Day working on the rest of the photo-story and it is fully completed. (I’m Canadian, but our school celebrates Memorial Day because we have some American Students)

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Alex and Riley whirled around, their faces bright red. “I guess I have to kill now.”

Trying to Trust Part 6

Peyton’s POV

I laughed in their faces. I honestly couldn’t help it. It was legendary.

“I’m innocent!” Alex spattered. “I didn’t do anything!” He raised his hands in surrender.

“Expect snoop in my personal things, disobey April, and go behind my back.” I pointed out. “But other than that your slate is pretty clean.”

“Well…” He protested.

“I’m not going to kill you. It’s an expression from the books,” I explained rolling my eyes. This guy wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box. “I’ll explain everything in your room. Lead the way.” I announced. Hopefully I wouldn’t regret this later.

Riley’s POV:

We’re so close to finding out the truth. And now Peyton is handing it to use on a silver platter. What could be better? But this was way to awesome to be true.

“Alright. Time to spit out the truth after bottling it up.” Zoey settled on my bed.  “You to are big snoops who act like 2nd graders running around the house giggling.” She plucked the notebook from my hands.

“We’re on a mission of find out the truth.” Alex declared.

She smirked, trying to hide her amusement. “Well, I’ve been doing actual productive stuff while you have been trying to solve your mission.”

“A mission for what?” April’s voice drifted from the doorway. This was like a bad case of deja vu.

“A mission for saving the turtles.” I informed April just was Alex blurted out, “A mission for launching the first tomato to the moon.” Peyton was still smirking, clearly enjoying this whole ordeal.

“So what is it? The moon or the turtles?” A very puzzled and suspicious April asked.

“Actually, we’re saving turtles from the wrath of the enemy tomatoes who are currently living on the moon.” Peyton convinced April.

“Keep on saving…” April trailed off and left the room.

April’s POV:

I knew something weird was happening. They were acting very different compared to normal weird self. Maybe I should give Lexi a call. She could squeeze it out of them.



That is all for today! Stay tuned for the next part coming soon!



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