Trying to Trust Part 8

We are almost finished season 1! It is crazy!

Previous Parts:

Last time on Trying to Trust:

I hadn’t found anything yet, but I still had hope. Opening my laptop, I clicked on the search bar. Background check programs, download. After searching through some seedy looking websites, I found a program for a cheap price of 39.99$. Waiting for it to download, I wrote down the next phase of the plan. She couldn’t hide for long.

Trying to Trust Part 7

Lexi’s POV:

I groaned in frustration and slumped down. A second later I sat back up. Just because this program crashed 4 times at 98% loaded wasn’t a reason to be childish.

April walked into my room. I quickly switched the tabs to my chem. homework. “Do you want to go school shopping with Sarina and Riley?”

I blinked. It was June 19. They weren’t yearning for new backpacks and paper. They wanted the pool parties, sleepovers and sunny days. Plus, I don’t think the stores were selling binders and HB pencils. Right now the aisles were littered with inner tubes and skimpy bikinis. That was April, the overachiever. “I guess it would be nice to get out of the house.”

I got off the floor and picked up my backpack. Making sure April wasn’t looking, I quickly reloaded the program. Walking out of the room, I uttered a silent prayer that the thing would finally work.

Riley’s POV

I didn’t want to be browsing backpacks and binders right now, I wanted to be outside swimming in Grace’s new pool or at the skate park with Brit. “Can we go home? I’m tired of shopping.” I whined like a 2-year-old.

April looked at me and sighed, “I thought you liked shopping.”

I snorted. “Did I tell you that when I was delirious? Plus, it isn’t fun when you’re awkwardly sitting on a bench with a pile of stuff beside.”

She chuckled and disappeared into the sea of clothing. Lexi appeared beside me like a ghost.

“So Riley, are you friends with Peyton?” She asked, pushing my stuff aside to make room. I was tired of her peppering me with questions, but I answered anyway. “You could say that.”

“What is her story?” Lexi was getting bold again.

“What do you think of the sunny weather that we are having today?” I asked, wincing at the sound of rumbling thunder and rain pattering on the roof of the bustling store.

April came out of the rows of clothes minutes later, Sarina in tow. “Gather your stuff Riley. I don’t want to get caught in the thunderstorm.

Lexi’s POV:

Locking the door, I dumped the bags on the floor. Turing the monitor on again, the screen portrayed the truth. I had everything I needed to know and more about Peyton. Her secrets were about to be revealed to the public. No more hiding.

So what do you think will happen next?

– Carlye


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