Trying to Trust Part 9

We are almost finished and I’m literally so excited! I was so sorry when I had to do this to Tammy, plus I hate peanut butter.

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Last time on Trying to Trust

I hadn’t found anything yet, but I still had hope. Opening my laptop, I clicked on the search bar. Background check programs, download. After searching through some seedy looking websites, I found a program for a cheap price of 39.99$. Waiting for it to download, I wrote down the next phase of the plan. She couldn’t hide for long.

Trying to Trust Part 9

Peyton’s POV:

I was just standing in the kitchen, making my harmless peanut butter and jam sandwich when Lexi strode in, strutting like a proud peacock. I groaned inward. This couldn’t be good.

trying to ignore her, I took the thawed bread from the microwave. Digging around the fridge I found the peanut butter, but the jam wasn’t to be found.

“April! We ran out of jam! Can you grab some on your way to the store?” I hollered to anyone who was listening.

“Is this it?” Lexi held out the jam.

“Oh, thanks! Why did you have it?” I reached for it, but she pulled back.

“Um.. Can I have that?” I asked annoyed.

“Not unless you tell me who you are and what you are doing Peyton Alice Morris, age 14.” She bargained.

My jaw dropped. How did she know that? “How do you know that?” I demanded.

I never edited these photos, so please excues the greeness

“Remember that picture I wanted for my dorm room?” I nodded and she contuined “Well, I also wanted it for a background check on you. You have lived a pretty interesting background.”

I put my slice of bread calmly in my hand and lifted it above my head. With one fluid motion, I threw it right for Lexi’s face.

It hit home.

While Lexi howled in frustration and anger, I ran out of the kitchen. It was no longer safe to stay here.

Lexi’s POV:

A bruised ego and shower later, I wa already planning step 2. Now where do we keep the phone book?

What do you think of the almost end? Is it keeping you hooked or is it pretty mediocre?

– Carlye


4 thoughts on “Trying to Trust Part 9

  1. Oh wow. This is getting so exciting!!!! :O I haven’t been commenting very much if at all, but I’ve read every part of Trying To Trust and I absolutely LOVE it so far. Post the next part soon, please – I hate cliffhangers!!


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