Fashion and Modesty

Hello, darlings! This is the first time I’ve been allowed to write on this blog as Carlye wanted to do all the writing herself. But when she didn’t have any ideas of what to write, I waved my arms around until she noticed. And now here I am presenting my hobby to the fans!

So I love shopping, designing and sewing. And when shopping and sewing come to this society, people are expected some crop top and skirt that doesn’t cover anything at all. But hey, not only is that uncomfy it’s also immodest and quite degusting.

I have some tips/benefits for dressing modestly yet cute and stylish.

1. Coverage

Who wants to walk around wearing a shirt that exposes half their stomach and has a pretty low neckline? Wear a skirt that doesn’t even do anything at all but wrap around your waist. Would you wear that to church or school? Chances are if you can’t wear it to school or church, you might not to buy another one.

2. Style

So what if you want to be in style. Does that mean you parade around dresses that expose too much? Nope. There are plenty of stylish things that are modest. Instead of focusing on the style of clothing, what about the colour and pattern. That can be stylish as well.

3. Comfort

I can’t think of someone who is comfortable in a romper who has to always pull down the shorts due to the awareness of the short shorts. Wear what is comfortable for you. Are your jeans and T-shirt kind of gal, then flaunt that. Why wear something that you aren’t comfortable in when there are piles upon piles of modest clothing hanging in your closet?

4. Boundaries

Know your boundaries when you are shopping. Before buying that bikini, think about what your parents would think. Also your personal boundaries. If you think that the neckline may be a bit too daring and you are uncomfortable about it, then why is it in your basket? Before getting it, give a thought about it.

5. There are other things

You don’t have to stay in style if you don’t want to. There are lots of other things that you can be wearing that is perfectly modest and a lot cuter. Compare these 2 dresses. Would you wear A or B?


I would wear option B for sure. Not only would my parents say no in a heartbeat, I would be comfortable in it. I would never wear that to church or school, and it isn’t my style. I love wearing jeans and a comfy T-shirt with a hoodie.

So that is all I have for you. I know this isn’t a long post, but I hope it helps you rethink your clothing that hangs in your closet.

And one of my followers is holding a contest. Some people may know AGNDM. Well, she is holding something similar to that and is looking for people to enter. If anyone is interested, click on the link that will take you to the post. 12ChhuahuaYears

That is all for today! Have a great day!



One thought on “Fashion and Modesty

  1. YAAAAS! I totally agree with you! Also, thanks for linking my contest! How did you know that my inspiration was from FAD? 😀


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