Camping Trip Part 1

Camping Trip Part 1


I meant well with this camping trip, I really did. It took long enough to persuade Julie-Ann to venture into the outdoors. Aka, grandma’s backyard. But after promising her unlimited icecream for the rest of the summer, she reluctantly agreed.


I frugally packed all the necessities while Julie-Ann packed with reckless abandon. Her room was a sea of pink and Isabelle was confined to one small corner on the bed where the pink was pushed away.


Standing in the backyard I surveyed the gear. My stuff fits into one backpack and then there was the camp stove, food, pillows, sleeping bags, and a tent. Julie-Ann was behind me lugging her huge suitcase across the lawn.


“Why did I agree to this torture?! Why?” the overdramatic diva complained. She sat down with a huff and then looked at the sky moaning.


I sighed, why didn’t I take Tammy up on her offer? It would have been more hassle-free. “Let’s start setting up this tent Julie-Ann.”


She looked up at me and blinked. “Seriously?” she asked. I turned away, reminding myself to give Julie-Ann more chores when she got home. “Fine.”


Ten minutes later I finally had the tent standing upright and steady. The camp stove was set on a table and the sleeping bags laid out. Julie-Ann was taking selfies on the grass, doing nothing productive.


“Alright drama queen,” I called her over. “Let’s start supper.” She plodded over, stuffing the phone in the back pocket of her pink shorts.


“I’ll grab the hotdogs,” She informed me.

While she disappeared into the tent, I heard the screen door creak open and Ginger bounded out in the direction of us.


I fired up the grill and Julie-Ann came out of the tent, hotdogs in hand. I spied the rock to late and Julie-Ann toppled over, head over heels.


The hotdogs flew through the air and landed at Ginger’s feet. “Julie-Ann…” I groaned. “That was our only food.”


She shot me a nervous glance. “Oops.”


So what do you think of my new photostory? It’s only 2 parts and I plan to post them on time. Unlike Trying to Trust where you’re waiting for the last part. I might combine the 2 parts in 1 post as I have everything all planned out and stuff. So stay tuned for that.

Have a great summer!



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