Camping Trip Part 2 & Trying to Trust Season 1 Finale

This post is going to be about completing things. Not only are we finishing the Camping Trip photostory, I’m also bringing you the long-awaited Trying to Trust Finale. And for that, I apologize. It was going to be posted 2 months ago, but I just procrastined and didn’t do it.

But now I bring you:

Camping Trip Part 2

Previous Part:

Part 1

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She shot me a nervous glance. “Oops.”

Part 2


I laid out the remaining food and surveyed our options. We had one hotdog that got stuck in the package, a hotdog bun, some chips, cereal, milk, and some marshmallows. The dog had smelled the other food and ate a feast fit for a king. He hadn’t left us much except a wet hot chocolate package dripping with drool.



“We could skip dinner and start roasting marshmallows,” Julie-Ann suggested.

“Why not,” I sighed and ripped open the bag of marshmallows. She scooped up a stick and I swatted a mosquito away.

7 (1)

As the sky darkened we got into our PJs. The flames crackled and danced in the dusk.

We deftly roasted the gooey goodness and slapped the biting bugs. All of a sudden Julie-Ann’s marshmallow burst into flames.


She waved it around like the Olympic torch, screaming like a banshee while the dog barked. I pitied the neighbours tucking their children in bed.


It flew off the stick and landed on the tent. After a few seconds, a wind blew the flame and the tent was engulfed in flames. A bonfire was soon blazing strong.

Please ignore the fact that the little jug of water cannot put out a fire that big

I ran toward the tent with the pitcher of water and splashed it on the tent. The flames were quickly doused and the charred remains stared up at us.

This isn’t the prettiest editing job, but it did what I wanted.

“We’re not sleeping in that tonight,” Julie-Ann informed me. I nodded in agreement.

“Want to sleep over at Grandma’s instead?” I suggested with a sly smile. She nodded and we raced toward the house.

Trying to Trust Finale

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Last time on Trying to Trust:

A bruised ego and shower later, I was already planning step 2. Now where do we keep the phone book?

Trying to Trust Finale

Lexi’s POV:


I straightened my hair and looked in the mirror one last time. They would be here any minute.

Riley walked in listening to her TobyMac and Hollyn. She stopped when she saw me. She gave my pink knit shirt and silver skirt a once-over and then sealed it with a snicker. I raised my eyebrows at her rumpled shirt and wrinkled shorts.


“We are you dressed up like that?” She asked me. I shrugged, “What are we having for dinner?” I replied, using her annoying tactics for avoiding the answer.


“You’re so exasperating!” She walked out of the bathroom in a big huff.


The doorbell rang and I ran toward the door. April followed then Riley and Alex hovered in the background.

I planted a smile on my face and swung open the door. Two people- a man and a woman- stood expressionlessly in the doorway.

“Let’s get to the point.” The first one growled. Why are you harbouring a rogue agent?”

And that brings Season 1 to a close. Are you hooked and want to find out what happens? Then just become one of my email followers and you’ll get the first on my new posts.

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