Recreating Old Photos

I’ve been taking photos of my doll and making videos with them for as long as I can remember. Maybe not that long, bit since I was 7 or 8. Looking back, all you can do is cringe and groan in agony at the torture you put the viewers through.

I’m shocked about how I thought that was ‘cool’ photography. While some photos aren’t terrible, others are… a little different.

So I compiled around 10 photos that I’m trying recreate. Some photos date back to when I was using this little camera in 2012. Now we have all this fancy equipment like light reflectors and umbrella lights.


Picture 1- Original

So I saw this picture from mixiepixie7 and it was Lindsey eyeing Starbucks. I attempted to do the same thing but somehow butchered it in the process. Back then I thought I was the next Jordan Matter and was going to rock the world. But I spy some problems. The eyes are darkened by the shadows and you barely see her beautiful blue eyes. The colouring is off-balance and the cupcakes aren’t even in focus.


Picture 1- Behind the scenes

This was a little behind the scenes picture I took. In the remake of the photo, Kit wasn’t even wearing a shirt, though you can’t tell. I messed up my fridge just to get the ugly blue cupcake from the back, and she’s wearing a fabulous blue headband.


Picture 1- Remake

When you say recreating does that mean making it better, or does it mean trying to keep it the same? I wasn’t sure and decided to go with option 2.

As you can tell, her face is still dark and disgusting but the colouring is better. I usually shot in Manual, but for the sake of the pictures, I will use Auto. The cupcakes are more crisp and clear, though we have a weird shadow.

I have no idea how I got that angle or where the cupcakes were sitting because I couldn’t get the angle right. Eventually, I just tried a couple of different places and picked the best one.


Picture 2- Original

Please excuse the tape, I only had a physical picture, not the digital. I took this around the first day of school 2016. Again it was a spin-off and complete fail of mixiepixie7’s photo. I thought it looked so cute and artsy. It was too dark when taking the photo so I just shone a flashlight on the shoes to brighten them up. It wasn’t a success.


Picture 2- Remake

Just at first glance, you can see how much it is improved. The lighting and the focus and the colour. Even though it may look like the colour of the shoes is off, I must assure you that there isn’t something wonky going on. That is just what shoes look like after being loved and cradled for a year. Those bad boys have been through mud, slush, snow, hail, rain, dirt, and all other natural things. And it is to up close than the other photo.


Picture 3- Original

I think this photo is fairly good and I’m impressed with it. I just wanted some content that would completely scare you guys.


Picture 3- Behind the Scenes

So, I didn’t have a yellow flower or anything close to it, so I figured a pink flower hair clip would be okay. Let me tell you though, it is very hard to make a doll stand up on rocks that are bumpy and uneven, on a slope. And I had to cart the chrome book around with me because that was holding the original photo.


Photo 3- Remake

It looks fairly similar except the angles. The original photo is more above when this is more from the front. I think the hardest thing is getting the angle correct. Posing the doll the same is really easy and I can do that, but the minute we try to attempt to get the angle, it is screwed up forever.


Picture 4- Original

Again, this photo looks pretty good and I’m impressed with my skill. Just the shadow on her face could use some improvement and her eyes lighting up.


Picture 4- Remake

First off I’m very disappointed in myself. I almost think that the first photo was better than the remake. Shame on me.

Right off the bat, I noticed that I was way to close to Jasmin. In the original, she’s much farther away from the lens, but here she’s all up in your face. When I said that posing is easy, I’m going to take that back. In this photo she’s facing forward, looking toward the future. But in the old one, she’s slightly tilted to the wall, as if she’s facing her enemy for the final battle. I didn’t get the shadow right either. The shadow is more faded in the remake, which saps the purpose of the picture. In the old photo it’s bright and vibrant, but here it’s a limp piece of lettuce that stayed out of the fridge too long.


Picture 5- The Orinigal:

I took this photo last fall and I think it isn’t too terrible. The lighting is pretty good and there aren’t harsh shadows dragging across her face or anything. I just think the location could have been better and there isn’t any reason for her to be half hidden by a lamp post.


Picture 5- Behind the Scenes:

I meant for the picture to turn out artsy and fun, but it looks kinda dumb. Oh well.

But as you can or can’t tell, it was raining and I thought wearing flip-flops would be fine. I’ll sum it up for you, it wasn’t. I also didn’t want to take the laptop out with me, even though it was my only source of the pictures. So that was why the picture didn’t turn out.


Picture 5- The remake:

Go ahead, cringe away. I know, I know, it looks terrible. But why do you do when there is rain falling on you and drops dripping down your back. Not adding the fact that the rain dripping from the top of the lamppost was dropping in your sister’s dolls eyes and your dad’s 900 dollar Nikon.

So I quickly placed her by the lamppost and snapped a few pics before racing back inside before completely ruining the doll and camera.


Picture 6- The Orinigal:

My first followers will remember this photoshoot. There is nothing wrong the pictures, I just thought it would fun the recreate this photo when the tree now is losing its leaves.


Picture 6- The Remake:

Once again, there was no BTS picture but that’s okay. I completely flopped this one. I have no words for this except I’m considering to spend my life savings and my left thumb so I can take a course in photography and get a degree that will automatically improve my skills. So I’ll be seeing you, bye.


Picture 7- The Orinigal

I really wanted a picture in the snow but was too afraid to get the camera wet. (I still have that fear) So I stood underneath the deck and put my dolls in the snow. That is why this picture doesn’t have much detail and props.


Picture 7- The Remake

I’m almost too ashamed to put this on my blog. It was sunny so it’s super backlight and I was shooting in auto. Why I don’t know because all Auto does is ruin my photos.

I know it looks all pretty and warm, but in BC just because there is sun doesn’t mean there isn’t rain. If you have a keen eye and a sharp mind, you’d notice the puddle in the corner. Not only is the pavement wet, the ground is degusting and soggy and the shoes they were wearing was not suited for that, so I put them on the pavement. It still looks horrid, and if possible, even worse.


That is all the pictures I have for you and I hope you enjoyed me making a fool out of myself. Have a fabulous end of summer and I hope you drop me a comment!

What is the worst photo you have ever taken?



6 thoughts on “Recreating Old Photos

    1. I’m happy that you enjoyed this post! I also thought that my photos were the when I took them. I was so proud of them and now when I look back I cringe so bad. Also, thanks for following my blog and I’ll totally check out your blog!

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