Trying Photo trends with Dolls

Anyone who has an Instagram account will notice the photo trends that come and go.

I don’t have an account but I still like photography and decided to attempt to use several trends with my dolls.

Trend 1: Drawing on the picture


This worked out fairly well and while I normally wouldn’t drawing on a photo, I think it adds some nice spice to the photo. I just don’t like the photo that I took.

Trend 2: Gems on face


This is more of a beauty trend than a photo trend but I think it works. I really liked how this turned out. If you want to full view of the arrangement look at the picture above. I’ll probably do this again and the gems can be found at the Dollar store for cheap. Again, I don’t like the photo so that’s why it looks so terrible.

Trend 3: Bubbles


I like the photo this time, but I didn’t have any help when taking it. It would probably be easier with two people. I was sitting in the middle of the road, blowing bubbles with on hand, pressing the button with the other, and the camera propped up on my foot. So all you see of the bubble is the smear in the bottom corner. There was also a creepy guy hanging around so I tried to wrap up my project fast.

Trend 4: Fairy Lights


It was too dark when I took the picture, but it kinda worked. I’ll definitely try it again and see if I can improve. (Coming soon… 🙂

Trend 5: Floral


This was also more of a beauty trend than a fashion trend, but there wasn’t much else. It really liked these photos and how they turned out. I’m pleased with the results.


I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below if you want more of these kinds of posts.



4 thoughts on “Trying Photo trends with Dolls

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed the post! My favourite photo was the gem one as well! I guess great photographers think alike! Also, it’s totally fine that you’re taking long to submit your photo! As long as you get it in before the due date, all is well!

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