All My Dolls

It’s time to meet the Silverfoxstudios family. Right now they are a family of 6, but who knows how much it’ll grow.

Full name: Jasmin Tara Fox

Type of doll: Truly me #61

Birthday: November 12

Personality: Caring, mom-like, loving, selfless

Hobbies: Reading, writing, cooking, 

Likes: Clean rooms, wearing dresses, and people who like to help out

Dislikes: Messy rooms, rude people, people who chew in my ear

Favourite colour: soft grey, heather, teal

Favourite food: my pot roast (though no one else really likes it)

Fun Fact: I’m the only redhead among blonde’s

Full name: Kit Millie Kittredge

Type of doll: Pre- Beforever Kit doll

Birthday: May 2

Owned by: Carlye

Personality: Bubbly, friendly, outgoing, fun-loving

Hobbies: Teddy bear collecting, inventing, playing pranks with Zoey

Likes: Teddy bears, snow, socks,

Dislikes: yard work, rap music, scented candles

Favourite food: pop tarts and cupcakes

Dream job: working at cupcakery (Is that such a thing?)

Fun fact: Carlye originally had a second-hand Kit, but then sold her and bought me

Full name: Julie-Ann Matthews 

Type of Doll: Truly me #24

Birthday: August 8

Owned by: Carlye

Personality: Drama queen, confident, social

Hobbies: Shopping, fashion design, doing my hair, 

Likes: Clothes, being the center of the attention

Dislikes: argyle socks, people who dress unfashionable, when I’m told to be quiet

Favourite colour: Pink, (does glitter count?)

Dream job: Being a Christian fashion designer, making modest clothing for the clothing industry

Fun fact: I love pink and glittery things

Full name: Isabelle Teresa Palmer

Nickname: Izzy

Type of doll: Girl of the Year 2014

Birthday: January 31

Owned by: Carlye

Personality: Introverted, fangirl, opinionated, selfless

Hobbies: Dancing, reading

Likes: Ballet, books, hanging out with Kit

Dislikes: Cats, metal folding chairs, raking leaves,

Favourite colour: White, pastel pink, grey

Fun fact: I sometimes dye some of my hair pink and I have a second piercing

Full name: Tammy Lynn Parkins

Type of Doll: Truly me #19

Birthday: January 6

Owned by: Carlye

Personality: adventurous, curious, keeps to herself

Hobbies: walking dogs, reading, roller skating

Likes: Dogs, weekends, being outdoors, reading

Dislikes: Peanut butter, having pose for Carlye when she takes pictures of me, school

Zoey Brianna Yang

Type of doll: Z Yang

Birthday: March 15

Owned by: Carlye, but her sister gave me to her for her birthday

Personality: Wild, carefree, stubborn, curious

Hobbies: Tree-climbing, spying, gymnastics, prank-playing

Likes: Ninja, spies, pigtails, koala bears, sneakers

Dislikes: Bossy people, people who like silent car rides, strict teachers (I name no names)

Favourite food: Nutella

Dream job: A ninja-spy working for the CIA

Fun Fact: I have purple hair

And that is the entire Silverfoxstudios family. Have a great day!