We Have a Little Problem

I'm interrupting out photo-story for a different post...


Pictures #3

I have the last rounds of pictures heading your way. Let's just jump right into it: There was this awesome sunrise the day before spring break and I just had to take pictures. This was an attempt of a silhouette. I don't think it looks that bad.   The clouds look like waves of curtains… Continue reading Pictures #3


All About Zoey Brianna Yang (FEAT. Zoey Brianna Yang)

Hey people! This is my first time hi-jacking Carlye's blog and it won't be my last. Some of you guys wanted to hear about me, so I decided to do just that. Without further ado, I present:   Zoey Brianna Yang!     SPOILER!!!! I'm a ninja spy and work for the government. My mission… Continue reading All About Zoey Brianna Yang (FEAT. Zoey Brianna Yang)