Camping Trip Part 2 & Trying to Trust Season 1 Finale

This post is going to be about completing things. Not only are we finishing the Camping Trip photostory, I’m also bringing you the long-awaited Trying to Trust Finale. And for that, I apologize. It was going to be posted 2 months ago, but I just procrastined and didn’t do it. But now I bring you: … More Camping Trip Part 2 & Trying to Trust Season 1 Finale

Camping Trip Part 1

Camping Trip Part 1 I meant well with this camping trip, I really did. It took long enough to persuade Julie-Ann to venture into the outdoors. Aka, grandma’s backyard. But after promising her unlimited icecream for the rest of the summer, she reluctantly agreed. I frugally packed all the necessities while Julie-Ann packed with reckless … More Camping Trip Part 1

Fashion and Modesty

Hello, darlings! This is the first time I’ve been allowed to write on this blog as Carlye wanted to do all the writing herself. But when she didn’t have any ideas of what to write, I waved my arms around until she noticed. And now here I am presenting my hobby to the fans! So … More Fashion and Modesty