I’m Carlye, a girl who grew up reading and writing. Now I’m putting my experience to the test and am writing a novel.

It’s a trilogy that’s set in Japan during the late 1400’s.



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In a Flash


At first glance, Erin Hiraoka looks like a harmless 16-year-old. One would never know that she’s training to be a ninja, a common myth in Japan. Mysterious occurrences are common with her and her friends. But when her friend leaves with only a cryptic message, it’s up to Erin to track her down. Teamed up with her not-so-favorable friend Hotisi Ito, a cocky 17-year-old, they encounter river villages, kidnappings, and worst of all, family.


I don’t own these pictures

Gone Again

Erin Hiraoka has been kidnapped, beat-up and lost. But when given a golden opportunity, she can’t say no. Between fighting for her life, looting houses, and searching for a missing friend, Erin has her hands full. But when the man who betrayed her shows up, Erin has to seek others for help. Will she be able to extend her trust out, even after it’s been broken countless times?


I don’t own these pictures

Danger at Every Turn

I know what’s going to happen, but not enough to write a summary.


So that is the outline of my 3 novels that I dream about getting published one day. Comment down below if these sound interesting and if you’d want to read them.


– Carlye